Tomato Sauce From the Scrap Bowl


Tomato Sauce

tomato sauce



tomato sauce

   Recently, while canning and dehydrating some tomatoes,  I took a break to check  into Facebook. It was meant to be. I quickly noticed a post from Northwest Edible Life about using tomato skins and cores to make tomato sauce. Really? I was interested. I had an overflowing bowl of skins and cores already and more tomatoes left in the box. Some of the tomatoes I had already started were mixed in  with peach skins and other scraps heading to the chicken yard. But I was able to salvage some, and with the rest of the tomatoes, I ended up with a large pot of skins and cores to try the tomato sauce idea. 


Thick Rich Tomato Sauce!

Basically, the article said you can salvage enough tomato from the scraps to make a thick sauce. Remember this is being made from scraps heading to the chicken yard. I decided I better not tell the chickens about my experiment. 

I began cooking the peels  in the saucepan. After an hour of simmering, I used the immersion blender to break up the  solids. In no time I had a pot of thick tomato mixture. Now for the amazing part. 


tomato sauce  

You begin to strain the tomato puree through a sieve or food mill. I started with the food mill and switched to a fine mesh sieve. The fine mesh in the strainer actually worked better but was more time consuming. 

DSC_3962 DSC_3961

I wanted to get as much from the tomatoes as I could so the strainer seemed to be pushing more tomato sauce through the screen. I used a large tablespoon to push the solids into the strainer. It really was working! 


DSC_3964 DSC_3963


The Chickens Still Had a Treat

Soon, I had a pot full of delicious thick tomato sauce. All that was left for the chickens was a little more than half a cup of tomato skins and seeds. I canned three pints of thick sauce, ready for dinner making. The chickens were happy with the seeds and skins and what they don’t know…….

DSC_3967 DSC_3969

For the full directions to making sauce from scraps, please visit Northwest Edible Life’s  article on this topic.


tomato sauce