Take Time To Play

Take TIme To Play


Take time to play. Make time to play. I actually pondered over the title for a few minutes! Are we creating extra time as in Make time to play or just seizing some of the existing time, as in Take Time To Play? I should confess. I tend to be a workaholic. Most of the time, I am thinking about work, planning to do work, working on something that will eventually be work. It’s the way I am wired  I have been this way for a long time. Luckily, my blogging job is playful. I am able to spend time doing some things that bring me creative joy. Photographing, writing, working on projects, those are play for me. My other job is an office management job for the family business. Dry and not very creative. The most joy I get from the job is when it is over for the day! That is the job I do so we can live. But my blogging, and photography and creative work are things I do so that there more. More joy, more life, more insight. Taking my camera and just shooting pics for a couple of hours on a beautiful day and then editing those pictures is one way that I play. Sometimes, a small scrap of fabric or trim will stimulate a thought and I will create a small snippet of something for a trim on a package. What ever it is, it is important to sometimes take the time and play. 

As homesteaders, we know that the work never truly ends. That would be terrible. It would mean life ended. So, it is even more important to Take Time to Play. Seize the time even if it’s just twenty minutes. Carve it out of the daily chores. The chores will still get done. But your heart needs some time too. 

What works for you? Taking a walk and having no where to go? Window shopping, drawing, calling a friend to laugh over a shared experience, having a tea party with a young child. The possibilities are endless. Can you take some time this week and just let it all go and play for a while? I promise you it will be good for your heart.