Shop Small Guide for Homestead and Independent Businesses

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The businesses included in my shop small guide, are folks that I personally know or do business with. Did you know that your buying decisions have a wide reaching impact? Where you spend your money is your decision. And thank God for that! For years I was in the position of owning a brick and mortar storefront. Let me tell you, we depended upon people choosing to shop small.

Things have changed and now I have an online shop at my Timber Creek Farm Etsy shop. These days my inventory is stored in nooks and crannies and baskets throughout the house. Instead of shop hours, my shop is open 24/7! Every single time I see a purchase come through, big or small, I am thankful.

The lists below feature those business owner I know and do business with. It’s my hope that you’ll get to know them too when you look through what they have to offer and when you purchase gifts through these shops.

shop small guide to soaps and body products
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Shop Small Guide to Soap and Body Care Gifts

The difference between handmade, well crafted soaps and commercial brands is astounding. You may have already discovered this for yourself. Why not spoil gift recipients on your list with the real deal. Here are some of my favorite creators. Buying from small shops listed in this shop small guide or other resources will do much good this year!

Yarn and Yarn Creations

Y’all know this is a subject close to my heart. And while I would love to have you shop from my store. I know I can’t be all things to all tastes and yarn needs. So here are a few of my favorite yarn or creative product sellers.

Shop Small Guide to Farm Products

We all need some sort of support if we raise animals and poultry. These are my favorite vendors for farmwear, animal feed, poultry treats, as well as barn and coop products.

shop small guide to farm products

Pottery and Candles

While I don’t have many recommendations in this category, I can assure you that these businesses are top notch. I can assure you that any one of the vendors on this list will be glad you read about them in the shop small guide!

Homestead Products for You, Your Home and Barnyard

White Chicken
Shop small guide

When the person on your lists needs something to make their daily chores and home life easier or more comfortable, or more delicious, these are some vendors that can help make that happen.

Books and Courses

Learning should never end. It should be a lifelong process. These small business owners know that and strive to teach as many people as possible through books they’ve written or courses that they’ve developed.

I hope this shop small guide has given you some awesome gift ideas for your shopping list. Check back because I will be adding to the list as I am sure I left off some of my favorites!

shop small guide