Wild Patch Woolies Yarn

Variegated grey and morit from Wild Patch Woolies’ flock of CVM sheep. Beautifully processed into a soft springy worsted weight yarn by an eco friendly local mill. This yarn knits and crochets so smoothly it’s like working with air!

Approximately 11 wpi 200 yard skein.

Will come to you as a center pull ball unless otherwise requested.

Timber Creek Farm Natural Yarn

Two ply wool yarn in natural colors. Yarn is raised right on our small farm and is processed right here in Maryland by a local family owned fiber mill. The result is a yarn we are proud to offer to our customers. 

Homespun Natural 100% Border Leicester Wool

Handspun into a delightful homespun style yarn. Available in brown. Approximately 60-75 yards. The brown has a dark, rich tone.

Machine Spun Natural 100% Border Leicester Wool

You will love this soft, warm yarn for many types of knitting or crocheting projects. Available in brown.

Natural White Blended Wool

Garment soft for clothing, gloves, outerwear. The white is beautiful and will take dye nicely since it is all wool fibers. Approximately 200 yards. Available in a Pygora Mohair/Merino Top blend or in a Pygora Mohair/Alpaca/Border Leicester blend.

Timber Creek Farm Naturally Dyed Yarn

This is yarn from our own herd of naturally raised sheep, fiber goats and/or alpacas. The yarn was processed and spun by an ecologically run fiber mill in the same area. It’s soft with a beautiful sheen.

Naturally Dyed Wool Mohair Blend

Soft and absolutely stunning blend of merino, Border Leicester wool, pygora mohair, and alpaca. Naturally dyed with pokeberry. Hand-dyed 2-ply DK/worsted weight spun by machine.

Wineberry: A dark rose color.

Rose Morning: A light rose color with natural dye variation in color.

90 grams and approximately 180 yards

Teddy Bear Brown Merino Wool

So soft and perfect for any creation you are knitting or crocheting. Add it to a weaving project for a rich tone. A  lovely shade of rich brown fingering weight yarn hand-dyed using black walnut hulls.

50 grams and 210 yards

Timber Creek Top Roving

Incredibly soft and luxurious roving. Hand-spinners will love this for spinning or blending with other fibers. Perfect for felters, knitters, crocheters, or for drop spindle spinning. Fiber from our small herd and prepared by The Mill at Meadowlands. Roving is sold by the ounce. Please message me for large quantities to verify stock.

Dark Pygora/White Merino Top

Gray mixed with white makes a medium gray roving. You can over-dye the fiber to make a rich color. Type A Pygora fiber with beautiful Pygora sheen.

White Finn Top

The staple length is on the shorter side and could not be commercially spun but has enough length for hand spinning. From our Finn sheep fleeces. Can be dyed and/or felted.