Luxury Chicken Coop Upgrade

Chicken coop upgradeOur coop is a converted garden shed. It contains the basics of chicken life but no chicken coop upgrade. Slowly, we have added some upgrades and replacement parts, repaired windows, holes, and secured the flooring. No real luxury for the chicken coop, just a nice sturdy structure. I guess the chickens have been reading some lifestyle magazines because Whynnie’s latest diary entry is a list of what the flock thinks is “necessary”. Read what Whynnie feels are important features in a chicken coop upgrade.

Whynnie Discusses How to Add A Chicken Coop Upgrade or Two

Dear Diary

It’s me Whynnie. I don’t know how to break the news to the farmers around here, but this coop is outdated and sorely lacking in amenities. Did you see that new coop that arrived here a few weeks back? I heard that it has a lot of upgrades. The rumor is that it even has a screen door! I do not know why the baby chickens got to have that coop. Seems to me it should have come to us first. But never mind about that. If the farmers will just meet these simple requests, no further actions with the chicken housing administrator will need to happen.


First, We want an automatic door. Occasionally they are late arriving in the morning and we are kept waiting to get out and greet the day. This would be a convenient chicken coop upgrade. Believe me, no one wants to be stuck in the coop with three roosters once they wake up. At least in the run, they are distracted a bit and leave us to get a bite to eat.

Second item- An automatic watering system for the coop and run. Yes I know the farmers change the water tubs out twice each day. But the automatic water system would give us fresh water all the time. And it could be connected to the warm water during the cold times. Think of the convenience! And while we are on the subject, how about if they throw in a snack machine. I’m thinking healthy snacks like blueberries, cracked oats, sunflower seeds, bundles of fresh herbs. Oh dear, now my beak is watering!

Chicken coop upgrade

Chicken Coop Upgrade in the Run

We need a garden in the run. I see a garden out there, so I know they know how to plant stuff for us to choose. We need one without a fence around it. Lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, and more, right outside our front door. Now that’s a great upgrade.

chicken coop upgrade

And in the Coop….

Inside dust bathing area. I want to take a bath even on rainy days. The farmers should put a small dust bathing station in the coop for bad weather. That would seem to be a simple chicken coop upgrade  

We have roost bars, and nesting boxes but they could use an upgrade. There should be privacy curtains on these nesting areas. And please knock before entering. A girl likes to have her privacy for egg laying.

The Most Important Chicken Coop Upgrade – According to Whynnie

Last but not least, this screen door issue. I look at that new coop with the fancy secure screen door and I can’t help it. It is what I want it for our coop. Think about how wonderful it would be to have a securely covered screen door. This would help keep us safe it the evening when it is too hot to have the coop doors closed before dark.

I will also need to talk to the farmers about the media center. This should have been added already. I am missing all my Netflix shows.

Sad to say the old coop just isn’t what she used to be. Yes we have safety, security and protection from the elements. There’s plenty of roosting space, especially with the the new roost set up. Plenty of nest boxes and feeders for calcium supplements and grit too. This is about staying up to date and taking care of your real estate. Surely the farmers can see the importance of these items. 




Chicken coop upgrade

So friends, what have you done to your coop to add a chicken coop upgrade or two? Please tell me what you think of  Whynnie’s list in the comments section .