How to Make a Christmas Stocking

Handmade Christmas Stocking Homestead Style 

how to make a Christmas Stocking

Last year I finally made our family the Christmas stocking I always wanted them to have.  Each member of the family received a new Christmas stocking that was handmade and personally styled for them. The Christmas stockings all coordinated.  The Christmas stocking pattern I used was easy to follow and each one worked up quickly.   With our family growing, marrying and bringing on the next generation, I was happy to have a plan in place to make future family members a Christmas stocking, too.

My  inspiration for this project originally came from Angi over at Schneiderpeeps.  Last year she posted this DIY tutorial about making a new Christmas stocking for each member of her family.    This year I had the opportunity to test sew with some new fabrics from the Andover Fabrics Collection.  The new designs are inspired by the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and the popular television show based on the books.  

Inspiration for the Christmas Stocking 

I received a sampler pack of fat quarters and  instructions to let my creativity run free!  The first project that came to mind was the homestead style Christmas stocking that I made last year.  I thought it would be great to see how the Little House on the Prairie fabrics looked as the accents for the Christmas stocking.  

Christmas stocking

My sampler pack of fat quarters from Andover Fabrics LHOTP collection

The directions follow and please feel free to use your own creativity and ideas to adapt my Christmas stocking plan to meet your style and needs.  I didn’t have a paper pattern  of my own, but I did base mine on the link from Schneiderpeeps.  You can find it here.   If you have a favorite stocking already, you can trace the shape of the stocking onto sturdy paper to make your own pattern.  

After you make your Christmas stocking, there is fabric left to make a small soft toy, pin cushion, quilted coaster, or small hot pad.  I am sure you can come up with your own ideas, too.  And remember to save the scraps, just like Ma Ingalls would have done.  Future quilts can  have a patch in them using the same fabric that you used to style your Christmas stocking.


Canvas fabric.  I purchased mine at the home improvement store (canvas drop cloth ) because it was economical and there is plenty to make as many stockings as I need.  

Thread – I used all purpose machine sewing thread

Sewing machine  or sturdy canvas sewing needle if sewing by hand

Sharp fabric scissors

1 fat quarter of print fabric  (one fat quarter is enough for two stocking cuffs.)


Step 1.

Cut out the Christmas stocking and the cuff pieces.  The outside pocket is optional but can be used to hold a gift card or cash. 

christmas stocking


Christmas stocking

Step 2.  Optional

Sew the fabric pocket onto the front of one of the stocking pieces.

Christmas stocking


Christmas stocking

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christmas stocking


Step 3. 

Sew around the outside of the stocking, right sides together, leaving the top open.

Christmas stocking


Christmas stocking

Almost there!

Step 4  

Turn the stocking right side out.

Christmas stocking



Step 5.   Making the cuff

Fold as shown in the picture.  Sew the cuff seam and flip the cuff right side out.

Tuck the cuff into the top of the stocking.  Match the seam to a side seam and align the tops.  

Stitch the top, using a quarter inch seam.   

Christmas stocking


Christmas stocking


Christmas stocking

Christmas stocking

Step 6.

Pull the cuff up and over the top of the stocking.

Christmas stocking


Christmas stocking

Step 7.

Attach a piece of ribbon, rope, twine or what ever you want to hang your stocking from, to the back seam of the stocking.

Christmas Stocking


I hope you are inspired to make your own handmade stockings and gifts this season.  As our family grows, I am finding it easier to fill a Christmas stocking with small gifts, tasty treats and gift cards than to shop for many larger gifts.  This adds a handmade touch to our Christmas celebration. When I see small items throughout the year that a family member might enjoy, it is easy to purchase it or make it then and store it for later.  

If you are wondering where to purchase the Little House on the Prairie Collection from Andover Fabrics, they have this convenient shopping locator here.  

Interested in purchasing copies of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s endearing series of books about growing up in a homesteading/farming family?

Click Here.

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Chris, from Joybilee Farm used the fat quarters to make a patchwork pillow cover with an embroidered front panel.  It is beautiful!


Little House on the Prairie books


Christmas stocking pin image