Homegrown and Handmade Review and Giveaway Offer

homegrown and handmadeHomegrown and Handmade is a new book by Deborah Neiman. It’s actually the revised, 2nd edition. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should see it available soon. Over the weekend I had an opportunity to review this book! 

Homegrown and Handmade, A Practical Guide to More Self-Reliant Living,  is a guide to all the good things that await you in the homesteading/handmade lifestyle. Making small daily or weekly changes can bring you far into the journey. Cooking from scratch? Check out all the awesome recipes for homemade yumminess. Want to start gardening? I will admit I skimmed through this. Not because I don’t need the advice! I totally do. I knew I would be back to read it in depth, so I kept going the first time through. I had a few sections I was really looking forward to reading. Can you guess what they were? 

Chickens, and raising wool producing animals were the sections I was interested in reading first. These are my passions and subjects I write about frequently. I am always interested in what other writers have to offer on these subjects. The discussion on chickens is comprehensive. From chicks to egg laying, from backyard flocks to small scale egg production, coop management, and injury care. I like that Ms. Nieman included a glossary of poultry terminology. That’s valuable when you are first steering through the uncharted waters of chicken keeping. In addition, the book contains information for people interested in raising poultry for meat.

Chickens, turkeys and ducks are reviewed along with ways to prepare the harvested meat. Anyone who raises homestead meat chickens knows that the best way to get a return for your hard work and investment is to not leave any thing to waste. So I was glad to see the instructions included for making bone broth. Many chicken egg dishes are included too. Brioche anyone? 

Fiber animals may look like they are easy to care for. After all, we see them roaming serenely in grassy fields, looking as peaceful as can be. However a lot of background work goes into those peaceful animals! Some of it is backbreaking, and some – heartbreaking. I was glad to see Deborah Nieman’s guidance on fiber animals had no sugar coating. The care must be good in order to have a quality fleece for sale or your own use. Proper feeding, supplements, veterinary care, and shearing are covered in the book. After shearing, the care and processing of the fleece and fiber is discussed. There are a few projects offered to the reader too. 

One of the most noteworthy tidbits I gathered as I read through the home dairy section was about donkeys. Specifically donkeys being used as a source of milk. Apparently some people who can’t tolerate cow, goat or sheep milk, can and do milk donkeys for consumption. Don’t you love knowing things like that?

Follow all this knowledge with some guidelines on making your homegrown and handmade products into a business venture. This is broken down into sub sections regarding the various types of products, food, non-food, etc. Very interesting!

In the words of Joel Salatin, who wrote the forward for this edition, “buy this book, read it and then go do something. You are not alone. Mentors to help you along the way are out here.” 

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