10 Practical Homestead Gifts

practical homestead giftsPractical homestead gifts are simply the best idea. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been creating for years, or just beginning to enjoy delicious homemade items from the homestead. You probably love sharing these products with friends and loved ones. The holiday season often has us scrambling for ideas that will lead to checking off the gift list. Have you thought about using the homegrown and handmade items from your homestead for practical homestead gifts for the holidays? I pulled together a list of thoughtful gifts that reduce clutter, improve health, and are still beautiful and appreciated. 

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry is known to reduce illness by strengthening the immune system. During the winter I use a teaspoon daily and if I feel a cold or sore throat starting, I will up that to twice or three times a day. There’s a delicious recipe on The Fewell Homestead which is my favorite blend to make. After I make it,  I store most of the batch in pint mason jars in the refrigerator. A smaller amber bottle sits on the kitchen counter so I remember to use it daily.

If you don’t want to make the syrup as a gift you could print out the recipe, and include the ingredients, package it all in a decorated box or basket and… voila! Nothing like the gift of good health.

practical homestead gifts

Extracts for Flavoring

Vanilla and other flavoring extracts can be expensive to purchase ready made, and yet they cost much less to brew yourself. You do need to begin a batch a few months ahead of the gift giving season though. Vanilla, lemon, chocolate mint, peppermint, and almond extracts are very simple to make. Use a small funnel to pour into an attractive small bottle and add a ribbon and tag!

practical homestead gifts

Dried Herbs

Do you grow herbs and dehydrate them for winter use? Herbs make practical homestead gifts and like the extracts and elderberry syrup, the trick is in the presentation. Find a set of small jars to add dried herbs to. An Italian collection could include, oregano, parsley, thyme, rosemary and basil. I suggest using baby food jars and painting the lids. You can label them on top using a marker or tie pretty tags to each jar.

Another idea on this same subject would a started windowsill herb garden. Include care instructions.

practical homestead gifts

Basket of Kindling Wood/Pine Cones/Fire Starters

Give the gift of warmth. Firewood and kindling are practical necessities especially when wood heat is the only source of warmth. If you can’t give the best wood stove for heating the home, here are some other suggestions. For the new homesteader share some resources on how to start a warm fire for heating. Grab a pretty basket and collect some kindling and pine cones. Use the pine cones to make these fire starters. Next, take it up a notch by creating a family fun evening with this S’mores basket.

Make your own marshmallows too with these recipes from Nitty Gritty Life, Attainable Sustainable and Homestead Lady.

practical homestead gifts

Handmade Soaps

If you make handmade soap, it makes a wonderful gift for friends, co-workers and family. The cold process soaps need some time to cure after cutting but you could make a liquid soap and have it bottled and ready for giving in no time at all. Another idea for practical homestead gifts is homemade bath salts and scrubs. Perfect way to give your friend the gift of relaxation.

Honey (with bread or homemade crackers)

Are you raising bees? Most people now recognize the health benefits of fresh raw honey. Not to mention the delicious taste! Add a ribbon to the honey bottle and you have an appreciated, practical homestead gift. Homemade bread is a most appreciated gift. For Sourdough starter I recommend the dehydrated starter package from Alderman Farms. Adding a book about baking homemade bread would be great, too. I recommend this one on basic bread baking. 


practical homestead gifts



practical homestead gifts

Dyed fleece/roving/yarn

Your friends that appreciate good fleece for spinning would love a bag of hand dyed fleece. Spinning the already dyed fleece yields yarn with more color dimension, plus its fun!

Fresh Eggs Make Practical Homestead Gifts

Chicken keepers know that farm fresh eggs can be rare in the winter months. During and after molting, hens often take a break from laying eggs, while the days are shorter. An exception would be a flock of first year layers. If you have an abundance of farm fresh eggs during the holidays, gifting these jewels is sure to be appreciated.

Hand Painted Signs

Are you artistic? Signs are an appreciated home accent. There are many thoughtful, poignant or fun quotes to choose from. Examples:  Farm Sweet Farm, Come Sit a Spell, Homestead Dreaming, Everything Goes with Bacon, Crazy Chicken Lady, My Pets Make Me Breakfast  

Canned Goods/ Jams/ Italian style sauce/ 

You might think of your home canned fruits, jams and vegetables as pantry staples but with a little creative packaging they can evolve into beautiful practical homestead gifts. Picture this: A jar of homemade pasta sauce, a box of  pasta, a loaf of home baked bread displayed in a basket with a red checked napkin. Are you getting the idea? Add a bottle of wine if you want to take it up a notch. I have often given a jar of our salsa with tortilla chips, and fresh avocados. Jams and jelly paired with a basket of home baked bread or rolls is another delicious idea. 

Want to expand on this theme? Homesteader really love hot beverages like coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Perhaps your gift could include an adult beverage like this Homemade Irish Creme Liquor,  too.

The basic theme here with giving practical homestead gifts is the presentation. Without spending an lot of money or any money in some cases, you can pull together a beautiful gift from your homestead. Need more ideas and inspiration? Check out this list of 100 Homemade Gifts. Do you have ideas that you would add to this list? Please continue the discussion in the comments!